Design and 3D Engineering Services
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Paper to CAD Conversion
Are legacy scanned drawings slowing down your engineering change orders? Need white-out to revise? Do you have a library of parts drawn in 2D programs (like Autocad) and need to be converted to 3D models (like Solidworks)? Do you want engineers to spec your product into their design by simply downloading a 3D model from your website? It could lead to that big program that will produce sales for 7 years...Send us a package of drawings and we will convert them accurately with fast turnaround times!
Offsite Team Extention
Long hours? Workload starting to scale up unpredictably and do not know if you should hire a permanent employee? We can provide temporary or ongoing CAD help as an extension to your design team. Give us your specifications to meet. Your many high-priority projects will move forward in parallel -- not like they are on a one-lane highway. Let us do the tedious drafting or give us the big design. Bottom line is that it is gotta get done.

Rendered Images and 3D Animations
Got a concept and a few sketches but need to really sell the idea? Do not have the prototype to picture in your marketing materials? Is the "build it and they will buy" attitude costing you inventory problems? Photo-realistic renderings of your product make it seem like the vision is a reality, giving your customer the warm-and-fuzzies. And who does not like pretty pictures. See the end result first instead of last.

Welcome to Dartup Design and Engineering Services
Projects, projects and more projects! When you want a project to move forward, another project interferes more often than not. We are here to keep those projects racing to the finish line. Highly skilled and experienced, we offer a range of quality CAD services that will round out your business. For the price of an untrained temp, we represent a turnkey alternative. From engineering to architecture to artistic innovation, the sky is the limit when the resources are available...Dartup!
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October 20,2007
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